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[BLOG] Spot Instances: The Key to Reducing Cloud Costs and Increasing Operational Efficiency
April 12, 2023 Author: NetApp

See how Chegg lowered their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) costs by 70% with Spot by NetApp.

[BLOG] How Lacework Cuts Costs and Masters Their Kubernetes Clusters with Spot by NetApp
April 12, 2023 Author: NetApp

Find out how deploying Spot by NetApp helped Lacework achieve a 20% increase in cluster utilization and cost efficiency.  

[BLOG] How Enterprises Save Time and Lower Costs with Spot by NetApp
April 12, 2023 Author: NetApp

Find out how Spot by NetApp can help save you money as you deploy, operate, and scale applications and infrastructure in public clouds. 

[VIDEO] The Dawn Of Datanomics
April 12, 2023 Author: NetApp

Nearly all enterprises run on a data center and multiple public clouds. NetApp and their partners are helping customers manage these environments seamlessly. Learn what NetApp calls “The Dawn of Datanomics” the evolution of storage and data services.

[BLOG] How NetApp C-Series Storage Helps Reduce Cost, Scale Easily and Improve Security
April 7, 2023 Author: NetApp

Take a look at the tech behind NetApp's new C-Series storage solutions.

[BLOG] Why NetApp’s New C-Series All-Flash Storage is Big News for Enterprise Data Centers
April 7, 2023 Author: NetApp

Learn how NetApp's new all-flash storage can help you boost speed, reliability and energy efficiency.

[VIDEO] NetApp Launches New Partner Sphere Program
April 4, 2023 Author: NetApp

NetApp is committed to driving a partner-first culture. NetApp Partner Sphere is accelerating growth and customer success by extending their reach into the cloud and offering more business opportunities.

[BLOG] Enterprises Are Waking Up to the “Dawn of Datanomics”
March 30, 2023 Author: NetApp

Introducing the Dawn of Datanomics, a new way to extract, evolve and apply the value of data. 

[BLOG] How the Dawn of Datanomics Will Usher in the Cloud of the Future
March 30, 2023 Author: NetApp

The cloud of the future is coming. Find out how you can use it to your advantage.

[BLOG] NetApp Delivers Better Value for Partners with VMware Cloud on AWS integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP
March 24, 2023 Author: NetApp

Find out how NetApp can help your customers increase their cloud-spend ROI.